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5 Easy Ways To Move Several Files At Once In Windows

Posted July 21, 2016 by
File storage is a staple in the office, and chances are that even your work desktop is jam-packed with files and folders that could use a bit of sorting. This might include moving all of your files to different locations, but you don’t have to move each one individually. We’ll go over the many different…

Newly Discovered Vulnerability Gives Reason To Worry For Every Windows User

Posted July 18, 2016 by
A vulnerability has been discovered that affects all versions of Microsoft’s Windows operating system, including the long-unsupported Windows XP, going all the way back to Windows 95. The vulnerability, called BadTunnel, allows attackers to directly bypass system defenses and initiate a man-in-the-middle attack. The vulnerability isn’t limited to just Windows, either; it also affects Internet…

Windows 8 Will No Longer Be Patched Says Microsoft

Posted January 08, 2016 by
Because of the way Microsoft is looking at Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, they have officially stopped patching Windows 8 as of today.  Users are encouraged to upgrade to Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 which will be fully support for many years to come.  Even Windows 7 and Windows Vista will still be supported and…

How to Let a Friend Use Your PC Without Compromising Your Data

Posted January 04, 2016 by
We’ve all been in a situation where you’re asked by someone if they can use your personal computer for whatever reason; checking their social media, email, or just browsing the Internet. Some people, however, also want to protect their privacy, and allowing relatives to use your own account can become problematic. A quality solution to…

Sharing Files Between 2 PCs is as Easy as Dragging and Dropping

Posted September 02, 2015 by
What’s the best way to share files between your different personal devices and computers? It turns out that you can share files over your home’s network, and you don’t have to be an IT technician to do it. Note: DO NOT use these methods for your corporate network as that requires much more security to…

Apple OSes Most Vulnerable Of 2014

Posted February 24, 2015 by
Apple OSes found to be the most vulnerable of 2014. Mac OS X had 147 issues, iOS had 127. Microsoft had much less with Windows 2008 Server coming in at number 4 and only 38 vulnerabilities! Remember to keep ALL of your systems patched, no matter what OS you run. Our Total Support Solution Diamond…

Still On Windows 7? Time To Upgrade!

Posted January 13, 2015 by
Windows 7 mainstream support ends today. Is it time for your company to finally upgrade to Windows 8.1? Or will you wait it out and go right to Windows 10 due out sometime around fall? Call one of our Technology Consultants and get your questions answered so you can come up with a plan that…

Think A Cheap PC Is A Great Deal?

Posted January 06, 2015 by
Revealed: The hidden costs of purchasing cheap computers. That $300 PC might not be the deal you hope for your business.  Slow boot times, poor performance, security vulnerabilities, heat build up and more all can come with purchasing under powered PC’s.  Need help determining what you should do?  Call one of our talented Technology…

Tip: How To Relocate Off Screen Windows Back To Your Desktop

Posted November 09, 2014 by
Tip: How to relocate off screen windows back to your desktop. Ever have windows you cannot see? Maybe on a laptop that is used with an external monitor and then disconnected?  Here are three helpful tips to get those windows back in sight!…

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Is A Hit!

Posted October 24, 2014 by
Quarterly sales of Microsoft Surface Pro closing in on $1 billion! Customers grab this hot tablet that is truly a notebook replacement. The Surface 3 runs the full version of Windows 8.1, all of your favorite software, has a USB port, and an external monitor port. This is not just a tablet that runs…

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