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Microsoft Warns Users To Upgrade To Internet Explorer 11

Posted January 12, 2016 by
Today marks the end of life for all versions of Internet Explorer prior to version 11.  Microsoft is encouraging all users to immediately upgrade to IE 11 as the older versions will no longer receive any security patches or updates.  Simply uninstalling the old versions is not enough either!  Microsoft recommends that you upgrade to…

3 Mobile Apps Every Modern Office Worker Needs

Posted August 15, 2015 by
Mobile devices are changing the face of businesses in obvious ways, like employees accessing their work outside of the office. Additionally, there are many not-so-obvious ways that mobile devices and apps have changed work environments. Let’s focus a moment on the little things around the office that have changed since mobile devices took over. Calendars…

Should You Turn Your SmartPhone Off?

Posted May 12, 2015 by
Do you need to turn off your Smartphone? Experts provide advice and compare to your PC: 

New Windows 10 Preview Looks Great

Posted April 26, 2015 by
New Windows 10 preview released. Looks like Microsoft is bringing it all together into a great OS. This might be the next greatest version of Windows that gets the XP and Win 7 crowd to get excited about upgrading. Want help planning your upgrade?  Call the experts at Excalibur Technology.

Top 10 Things Microsoft Must Do To Remain Relevant

Posted April 07, 2015 by
As 40 years approaches for Microsoft, here are 10 things they must do to stay relevant for the next 40 years. They must continue to grow their mobile business, the cloud continues to be important, Xbox gets MS into your living room and wearables and virtual reality … well, that’s just a whole new…

Windows 10 Release Will Be Unlike Any Other Microsoft Product Release

Posted March 27, 2015 by
Windows 10 release will be unlike any other Microsoft product release. Free! How’s that for a great start? Microsoft will be pushing their cloud initiatives heavy to make up for the lost revenue from the desktop OS. Another benefit is that it will run across all of the platforms from phones to tablets to…

Approach Your BYOD Policy With Caution

Posted March 17, 2015 by
A common occurrence in the business world is the employee who wants to use their amazing new smartphone for the purposes of work. The average business owner might be ecstatic that the employee wants to get more done in the day, especially when the device isn’t on the company’s dime. However, some professionals forget that…

The Top 3 Technologies For Serious Selfie Takers

Posted March 16, 2015 by
Got a smartphone? Then you’ve probably snapped a selfie before, or, depending on the expectations of your social circles, you may have taken a few hundred of them… in one day. Today, selfies are all the rage and people are coming up with creative ways to take them, like these three exciting selfie technologies. Before…

Samsung Announced Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

Posted March 04, 2015 by
First look at the Samsung Galaxy 6 and Galaxy 6 Edge. Faster, awesome camera, better speakers, and four colors will be available. The Edge version has a spill over screen that will display time, weather and other useful information on the side of it while sitting on a desk.…

7 Common Methods To Protect Your Smartphone

Posted March 04, 2015 by
Those who believe that smartphones are secure from threats are in for a rude awakening. Modern businesses need to apply adequate security practices to maximize the protection of mobile devices, or risk everything. If a hacker were to somehow access a corporate mobile device, they could potentially compromise sensitive information. Would your business be able…

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