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Wearable Technology is Trending: Is This Good For The Workplace?

You’ve probably seen the new fancy-schmancy watches that some people wear and wonder to yourself, “What’s so special about them?” Smartwatches like these are considered wearable technology and are typically meant to perform the various functions of a smartphone, minus the phone. Some devices are even used to monitor the body’s physical activity with health…

10 Improvements To Apple WatchOS 2

Although it has been delayed from the launch date on Sept. 16 due to a “reported bug”, Apple WatchOS 2 will be a much needed and welcomed upgrade.  It will add functionality to Apple Watch that was not included in the original release.  Improvements include improved Siri functionality, improved watch faces, nightstand mode, apps can…

Apple Watch Winner – Kim Dunlay!

Congrats to Kim Dunlay for being our second official Apple Watch winner for the July 31, 2015 drawing!  Here is a picture of Scott Cummings personally delivering her Apple Watch Sport to her at work.  Kim was really excited and got it setup right away!  What a great giveaway and fun prize to win!  Be…

Apple Technology Update

Apple’s 14 most important announcements this week. iOS 9, new OS X, new Watch OS. 

Apple Watch Winner – Barb Jensen!

Congrats to Barb Jensen for being our first official Apple Watch winner!  Here is a picture of Don Hauserman personally delivering her Apple Watch Sport to her at work.  Look at that smile on her face!  Who would not be happy winning such a great prize!  Next Apple Watch giveaway is July 31, 2015!  Want…

Is Your Apple Watch A Business Tool (Yet)?

Enterprise apps to test the Apple Watch as a business productivity tool: Were you one of the lucky ones that got an Apple Watch on release day? What do you think so far?  Has the watch helped you be more productive in any way?…

Three Days With The Apple Watch

Hands-on impression: Three Days with the Apple Watch This reviewer was surprised at the usefulness and battery life.…

Hands On With The Apple Watch

Hands on full review of Apple watch from an outside source. Video shows the good and the bad of the Watch. Interface is slow, apps have to load from your phone and are sluggish, and a lot of configurations need to be done to keep it from driving you crazy with notifications.  The Apple Watch…

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