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A Brief Dive into Digital Signatures

Posted February 23, 2018 by
Think for a minute about the power a signature has. Signatures have started and ended wars, they have committed whole nations of people to rule of law, and they are attached to birth and death. For the individual, the signature is one of the most powerful possessions. You can use it to acquire money, property,…

Tip of the Week: Seven Extensions to Add to Chrome

Posted November 01, 2017 by
Google Chrome is the most popular web browser in the world, and for good reason. The browser has many useful features, largely due to the user’s ability to install ‘extensions’–applications that add to the browser’s functionality or the user’s experience. Once an extension is added to the browser’s toolbar, it is ready for the user…

Are You Taking Advantage of These 6 VoIP Benefits?

Posted October 31, 2017 by
Can you imagine your business where it is today without a good, quality telephone system? Most small businesses require a dedicated communications infrastructure, but managing such a thing is not the simplest task. The best way to get the most return on your investment is to implement a Voice over Internet Protocol solution, or VoIP…

Security Terms That Every User Needs To Know

Posted September 20, 2017 by
Chances are that you’ve seen quite a lot of stories on the Internet, or in the news, about the many security threats out there. Some of these, including ransomware, exploits, and reluctance to update software, might fly over your head if they’re not part of your everyday business vocabulary. Knowing what these terms mean is…

Will These End Of Life Events Affect Your Company’s IT?

Posted September 20, 2017 by
One of the best ways your organization’s network can remain secure is to always use the most recent version of any critical software solutions on your network. Unfortunately, making the jump to a more recent operating system is easier said than done, particularly for small businesses that have limited budgets. The problem of security becomes…

When Will Microsoft End Support For Your Version Of Windows Or Office?

Posted July 27, 2017 by
One of the most often asked questions our engineers receive is, “How long can (or should) I use this version of Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Office?”  While software is not as feature rich as the newer version, there are often significant security concerns that come along with using outdated software.  ZDNet put together this article…

Moving To The Cloud? Be Wary Of These Hidden Costs

Posted June 13, 2017 by
Efficient utility software deployment has been a priority for businesses for much of the past three decades, but today’s software developers are beginning to more frequently offer their titles as a service, giving end users the ability to utilize powerful software solutions from anywhere, for what is often a reasonable monthly payment. The dissemination of…

6 Truths To Guide Your PC Troubleshooting Efforts

Posted July 15, 2016 by
We’ve all ran into problems that weren’t easily solvable, even by technically-proficient people. In fact, it’s often the case that simple problems can be escalated far beyond where they deserve to be. Sometimes all it takes is a little outside perspective, and some out-of-the-box thinking, to fix an issue. The next time you run into…

3 Talk-To-Text Apps That Get The Job Done

Posted July 01, 2016 by
Mobile platforms have given way to entirely new ways to develop and make use of apps. More business professionals than ever before are relying on their smartphones to get work done while out of the office, but the functionality of the on-screen keyboard interface has some of them stumped on how to stay productive. It’s…

Alert: 7-Zip Software Can Leave Your System Vulnerable

Posted June 16, 2016 by
Software vulnerabilities can cause major issues for individuals and businesses. Cisco’s Talos Security Intelligence and Research Group, which is designed as an organization to “protect consumers from known and emerging threats,” has found such a vulnerability with 7zip. The 7zip software is an open-sourced file archiver and decompressor, and has many software developers scrambling to…

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