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Know Your Tech: Social Media

Posted August 17, 2018 by
You see the term “social media” thrown around all the time, but what does it mean for both individual users and whole businesses? Organizations that understand the importance of social media have a unique advantage over other businesses in the same industry, be it a way to attract more consumers or a way to protect…

What Plans Does Your Organization Have For Communications?

Posted September 20, 2017 by
Over the past few decades, technology has drastically changed the way businesses of all sizes and industries communicate. In fact, there is a direct correlation between the way a business communicates and its overall success. The majority of customers, as well as their employees, demand that the modern business find avenues of sharing information that…

Do Memes Have A Place In The Professional Business Environment?

Posted October 10, 2016 by
Whether we like it or not, memes have had a profound effect on how the world’s population views current events and popular culture. In part, this is thanks to the prevalence of the Internet, which has fostered these absurd images and provided them an outlet to flourish. Due to how viral they are, it would…

Mark Zuckerberg’s Recent Password Blunder Is An All-Too-Common Problem

Posted July 05, 2016 by
In a recent hack attack, Twitter had 33 million user login credentials stolen. This is unfortunate, but not surprising; an incident like this routinely makes the headlines. Although, what is surprising is what this hack reveals about people’s poor password security habits. An analysis of the millions of stolen credentials by security company LeakedSource shows…

Excalibur Technology Newsletter – June 2016

Posted June 29, 2016 by
We invite you to read the latest edition of our newsletter, by CLICKING HERE. Be sure to check it out! Highlights in the June 2016 Edition Include: – Think You’ve Been Hacked? Here’s What To Do Next! – How Colocation Services Are A Win-Win Scenario For SMBs – How To Avoid Oversharing On Social Media…

A Step-By-Step Guide To Downloading Your Facebook Information

Posted June 22, 2016 by
The longer you use Facebook, the more personal content you hand over to the social media empire. Sharing content is what drives the social media experience, but what if you want your content back? Surprisingly, Facebook makes this easy. The reasons to download your personal content from Facebook can vary. Perhaps you just feel better…

Improve Email Open Rates With An Attention-Grabbing Title

Posted June 16, 2016 by
It’s safe to say that nobody enjoys their email inbox getting clogged with messages. Unfortunately, communicating by email is a standard part of doing business. Of course, in order for these emails to communicate their message, they must first pique the interest of the recipient enough to be opened. Here is a guide to crafting…

How To Avoid Oversharing On Social Media

Posted May 11, 2016 by
Social media, as wonderful a tool for connecting and communicating as it is, does have its dangers. Fortunately, these risks may be mitigated through careful deliberation and pragmatic posting habits, but only if you know what they are. What follows are some easy habits to encourage a heightened state of security both digitally and in…

You Need To Manage Your Company’s Online Reputation–Here’s How To Get Started!

Posted April 06, 2016 by
Two things are true today: 1) having a good reputation is critical to the success of any organization, and 2) the Internet is a vast network where seemingly anything goes. How then can you make sure that what’s said online about your organization isn’t hurting your reputation? By taking some basic online reputation management actions,…

You Might Be Surprised At The Ways Your Employees Put Your Data At Risk

Posted October 26, 2015 by
October is Cyber Security Month and we want to use this time to bring awareness to the different aspects of cyber security. One often overlooked element of cyber security is employee risk management. What level of risk does your staff pose to your network’s security? You can easily find this out by taking an online…

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