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Does Outsourcing Your Business’ Network Security Make Sense?

Posted June 02, 2018 by
Managed service is a relatively new concept, but that doesn’t mean that the industry hasn’t grown rapidly. You can now get a managed service contract for your household appliances and one for your automobile. The truth is that not having access to a large cache of capital needed to make proactive investment used to be…

Cybersecurity Requires Flexibility to Changes

Posted April 09, 2018 by
Security is always changing due to the volatility of online threats and vulnerabilities. Things have changed so much over the past decade that solutions that worked back then are so outdated that they put your business at risk today. This brings into question what you should expect in the years to come. What are some…

Three Giveaways that Your Security Approach Needs a Change

Posted April 06, 2018 by
It makes sense that you would want only the best security for your organization. It’s natural to want to eliminate risk entirely. However, this simply is not a realistic viewpoint to take where your security is concerned, and it can even contribute to greater security issues as a company holds out for the best solution.…

Ransomware Presents Big Risks

Posted March 15, 2018 by
The business world has been presented a lot of threats recently, and perhaps one of the most notable is ransomware. The reason it has become so notorious is because it’s incredibly difficult to remove from a system; and, the way that it spreads is constantly changing and adapting to further its influence. How can your…

Lack of Security Training is Putting Businesses at Risk

Posted March 13, 2018 by
Let’s say that one of your employees downloads an attachment from an email claiming to be a receipt for an Amazon order or other online shopping outlet. The attachment then proceeds to infect their workstation with a virus or malware. This puts the integrity of your infrastructure at risk–all because of a simple mistake. Do…

The IoT Can Be Very Useful, but Also Risky

Posted February 20, 2018 by
You might be surprised to hear how the scope of the Internet of Things (IoT) has increased over the past few years. These connected devices are all over the place. In order to ensure that your business isn’t affected in a negative way by these IoT devices, you’ll need to consider the many risks and…

Do You Use Two-Factor Authentication? If So, You’re in the Minority

Posted January 02, 2018 by
Two-factor authentication, also known as 2FA, is a very beneficial addition to consider for your cybersecurity. However, a research study unearthed a few surprising takeaways that indicate that 2FA may not be adopted as much as one might expect it to be. Researchers at Duo Labs, using data compiled by Survey Sampling International, designed a…

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