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Using Cortana Gets Better with Customization

Posted January 08, 2018 by
As Cortana has more and more added to its functionality, it gradually becomes more of a utility to all. Those who prefer to use Google’s applications are now able to use Cortana to augment their use of Gmail, Google Contacts, and Google Calendar. Today, we’ll go through how you can set these programs up to…

Will These End Of Life Events Affect Your Company’s IT?

Posted September 20, 2017 by
One of the best ways your organization’s network can remain secure is to always use the most recent version of any critical software solutions on your network. Unfortunately, making the jump to a more recent operating system is easier said than done, particularly for small businesses that have limited budgets. The problem of security becomes…

Microsoft OneNote May Be The Best Note-Taking Tool On The Market

Posted September 12, 2017 by
Most modern PCs come pre-installed with a handy tool by Microsoft called OneNote (and it’s also included with Office 365). Today, we’ll run through the features that OneNote offers that make it a useful business tool. Keep in mind, we’ll be focusing on OneNote 2016. Older versions of OneNote have some of the same features,…

When Will Microsoft End Support For Your Version Of Windows Or Office?

Posted July 27, 2017 by
One of the most often asked questions our engineers receive is, “How long can (or should) I use this version of Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Office?”  While software is not as feature rich as the newer version, there are often significant security concerns that come along with using outdated software.  ZDNet put together this article…

Microsoft “Slims” Down Windows 10 With New Operating System

Posted July 10, 2017 by
Have you ever tried using a Google Chromebook for work purposes? While it might offer the ability to browse the web on a budget, the device is limited by the operating system’s lack of functionality. Microsoft has created a similar operating system in the form of Windows 10 S, which uses less processing power than…

New Microsoft Word Zero-Day Attack Installs Spyware On Fully Patched PC’s

Posted April 10, 2017 by
ZDNet has reported a new Microsoft Word attack that is able to strike even fully updated and patched machines.  The attack uses HTML to install spyware onto attacked systems.  Microsoft says that a patch will be coming out tomorrow.  Be sure to patch all of your machines against this vulnerability.  For more information, see the…

Microsoft: Windows 7 In 2017 Is So Outdated That Patches Can’t Keep It Secure

Posted January 17, 2017 by
Are you still running Windows 7 on any of your devices?  Or worse yet, Windows Vista or Windows XP?  If so, then our friends at ZDNet say that it is definitely time to upgrade as the security in Windows 7 is completely out of date and unable to keep up with modern security threats.  Windows…

What’s The Main Difference Between Office 365 And The Traditional Office Suite?

Posted December 20, 2016 by
Even if you already have Microsoft Office, did you know that there are multiple ways to use Office which could potentially save you money? It’s the difference between using the traditional Office apps, versus the subscription-based model provided by Office 365. Users and business professionals need to know that Office 365 is a subscription-based model,…

Latest Windows 10 Update Has Kindle Users Feeling Blue… Screen of Death

Posted September 27, 2016 by
Have you have recently plugged in your Kindle and received a blue screen of death? Many Kindle users have found that Windows 10’s anniversary update is creating an issue in the way that Kindle transfers books and charges via a USB connection. Some users are reporting that connecting a Kindle to a Windows 10 device…

Newly Discovered Vulnerability Gives Reason To Worry For Every Windows User

Posted July 18, 2016 by
A vulnerability has been discovered that affects all versions of Microsoft’s Windows operating system, including the long-unsupported Windows XP, going all the way back to Windows 95. The vulnerability, called BadTunnel, allows attackers to directly bypass system defenses and initiate a man-in-the-middle attack. The vulnerability isn’t limited to just Windows, either; it also affects Internet…

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