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First Known Ransomware Hits Apple Macintosh Computers

Posted March 09, 2016 by
Ransomware has been a terrible problem plaguing Windows users for some time now.  Unfortunately for Mac users, their time has come.  The first bit of known ransomware has hit OS X.  Known as “KeRanger”, the malware infects Macs through the BitTorrent sharing software called Transmission.  Once on a Mac, it encrypts user files and then…

Apple Zero-Day Flaw Gives Hackers Root Access

Posted August 04, 2015 by
Think that your Mac is completely safe from viruses and malware?  Think again!  A new vulnerability has been discovered that allows hackers to gain root access to your machine.  So far, no patch or fix has been made available from Apple.  If you click the article link below and watch the video, you will see…

OS X – El Capitan coming this fall

Posted June 22, 2015 by
New features that will make OS X El Capitan worth the download. Coming Fall 2015, it will feature split view app use, improved LaunchPad, improved Spotlight file search, an improved Notes app that syncs to your iPhone and iPad and much more.…

Share A Live Stream Of Your iPhone Or iPad

Posted May 28, 2015 by
Ever have the desire to share a live feed of what you have running on your iPad, iPod or iPhone?  A new free utility called Unicorns allows your to download a small application to your Mac, plug in your device, and instantly create a live stream that can be shared with one or many people.  …

Apple OSes Most Vulnerable Of 2014

Posted February 24, 2015 by
Apple OSes found to be the most vulnerable of 2014. Mac OS X had 147 issues, iOS had 127. Microsoft had much less with Windows 2008 Server coming in at number 4 and only 38 vulnerabilities! Remember to keep ALL of your systems patched, no matter what OS you run. Our Total Support Solution Diamond…

10 Great Laptop Models

Posted December 03, 2014 by
10 laptops, notebooks and ultrabooks fueling the surge of buying. MacBook tops the charts along with Chromebook.  Other great units mentioned are from HP, Samsung, Lenovo and Dell.  In the market for some new technology?  Allow us to help make sense of it all and integrate it into your network!

What Makes The iMac 5K Retina Really Stand Out?

Posted October 27, 2014 by
Features of Apple’s iMac Retina 5K that really stand out. Sure, the screen is the best on the market right now, but Apple also gave this new machine great graphics, awesome sound, fast connections and a hybrid or SSD hard drive. This is one of the most comprehensive machines on the market.…

Apple iPad Air Or MacBook Air? Which fits you?

Posted October 15, 2014 by
Apple iPad Air or MacBook Air – which is a better choice for you? Both are thin and light. iOS or OS X?  Touchscreen or keyboard?  While Apple is keeping the platforms separate for now, they will integrate well once OS X Yosemite is released.  How will this integration compare with the upcoming Windows…

iOS 8 Bug Deletes All Files!

Posted October 02, 2014 by
Warning…bug in iOS 8 can delete all of your iCloud data across all of your devices! Read this if you use an iPhone!  If you try to wipe and reload your phone, a bug also remote wipes your iCloud account and that then hits all of your other devices, wiping out your files from…

10 New Features In iOS 8 / iPhone 6

Posted September 15, 2014 by
10 major iOS 8 enhancements to watch out for later this week. iCloud synchronization across all platforms, better Spotlight search, new health applications, Mac PC integration and more! Will you be upgrading to the new iPhone 6? Let us know your platform of choice!…

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