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Apple iCloud Passwords Hacked – Update Yours Today

Posted March 24, 2017 by
A hacker group claims that they have collected over 250 million user accounts and passwords from Apple iCloud.  There is some truth to this as reported by the folks at ZDNet.  For the complete story, please CLICK HERE. We highly recommend that you update your Apple iCloud password and turn on two factor authentication…

Apple iOS 10 – Biggest Upgrade In Years

Posted June 23, 2016 by
Apple announced a number of really amazing upgrades to macOS, watchOS, tvOS and iOS at their WWDC gathering.  There are some great features coming to the Apple ecosystem that both business users and consumers will appreciate.  All of the Apple systems will tightly integrate with each other to give users a seamless experience and workspace…

Try This Weird Trick To Free Up Space On Your iPhone

Posted May 04, 2016 by
It’s a situation that’s all too familiar to an iPhone user: after taking a gorgeous picture, or trying to download a new app, the device flashes up a warning that there is not enough storage to complete the download. So what do you do? Most people would do either of two things, depending on how…

Microsoft’s Surface 4 Vs. Apple iPad Pro

Posted October 14, 2015 by
Are you in search of a next generation tablet?  If so, are you trying to decide between the Surface Pro 4 and the Apple iPad Pro?  There are significant differences in screen resolution, processor speeds, memory, storage and more.  The iPad Pro runs on iOS while the Surface Pro runs Windows 10.  At first glance,…

10 Reasons Why It’s A Good Idea To Download iOS 9

Posted September 23, 2015 by
Apple has released iOS 9 and it hit a 50% adoption rate by day two.  Users are always eager for the latest software from Apple.  If you have not upgraded, you should.  Reasons to download the latest and greatest iOS include: It’s free!  What could be better?  Nothing to buy, just download and enjoy.  Thanks…

New Bug Allows Fake Apps To Install On iPhone And Android

Posted August 06, 2015 by
A massive new security bug called Masque allows criminals to install fake applications onto your iPhone or Android device.  The attacks come from clicking links on infected or baited websites.  There are no warnings, and the applications install silently.  They replace familiar icons and programs such as Twitter, Facebook, Skype and others.  Once the fake…

Apple Zero-Day Flaw Gives Hackers Root Access

Posted August 04, 2015 by
Think that your Mac is completely safe from viruses and malware?  Think again!  A new vulnerability has been discovered that allows hackers to gain root access to your machine.  So far, no patch or fix has been made available from Apple.  If you click the article link below and watch the video, you will see…

Forget Passwords: Access Your Phone By Identifying Pics Of Familiar Faces

Posted July 13, 2015 by
With all the hacking attacks we’ve seen in the news, it’s painfully obvious that using passwords just isn’t enough to protect our information. We now have more security measures available than ever before. One of the more unique and effective solutions to have surfaced is Facelock, a clever solution that grants access based on how…

OS X – El Capitan coming this fall

Posted June 22, 2015 by
New features that will make OS X El Capitan worth the download. Coming Fall 2015, it will feature split view app use, improved LaunchPad, improved Spotlight file search, an improved Notes app that syncs to your iPhone and iPad and much more.…

Apple Technology Update

Posted June 10, 2015 by
Apple’s 14 most important announcements this week. iOS 9, new OS X, new Watch OS. 

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