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3 Ways Your Business Can Secure Its Hosted VoIP System

How much has your business invested in its communications technologies? If your business is like many others, it relies heavily on the functionality of its organization’s communications platforms. You might have a VoIP system filled with features, but are you taking full advantage of them? Here are three ways you can get the most out…

Get To Know Your Firewall And Better Protect Your Business

Firewalls are one of those things that businesses need, but may not have. They are integral parts of network security for organizations of all shapes and sizes, as well as the average PC user. We’ll discuss what a firewall does for your organization, and why it’s important that you implement one as soon as possible.…

How Does Your Firewall Stack Up To The Competition?

Want to know how your firewall’s protective capabilities compare to other leading firewalls?  Check out this independent study that compares firewalls from WatchGuard, Cisco, SonicWall and more.  The WatchGuard proves to provide excellent protection at a much lower price point.  We are a WatchGuard Expert Partner and highly recommend all of their products and services.  …

Phishing And Other Network Attacks Still A Major Threat

HP reported in May 2015 that phishing is still a major threat to business and home users alike.  Phishing is the act of posing as a familiar, trustworthy entity in electronic communications and using that familiarity and trust to get recipients to release confidential information, such as passwords and bank account numbers.  While many employees…

Understanding How Advanced Malware Can Harm Your Business

There are a lot of different threats out there: Viruses, malware, spyware, adware, the list goes on. While all of these threats are certainly problematic, some are more dangerous than others. In particular, advanced malware can be exceptionally devastating if they manage to inflict damage on your technology. However, what makes advanced malware so much…

10 Tips for Establishing Security with Bring Your Own Device

If your organization allows employees to bring their own devices to work, or connect to the corporate infrastructure via VPN or other access method, you need to view this whitepaper published by WatchGuard.  Think your organization is secure?  Think again and then call the experts at Excalibur Technology to help solve your IT security needs. …

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