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Tip of the Week: Sync Your Inboxes with IMAP

Posted December 20, 2017 by
How many emails do you send on a daily basis? You use it so frequently that you might not second-guess how it actually works. Depending on the way your business uses email, you might be able to optimize the way that it works for your mobile devices. There are two types of protocol that work…

Tip of the Week: How to Write a Better Email

Posted November 27, 2017 by
Writing an email is one of the most prevalent methods of communication in the business world, but it’s not as easy as you might think. There are considerable details and intricacies to mastering this art, and we’re here to help. By the end of this blog article, you’ll be armed with five tips to write…

What Plans Does Your Organization Have For Communications?

Posted September 20, 2017 by
Over the past few decades, technology has drastically changed the way businesses of all sizes and industries communicate. In fact, there is a direct correlation between the way a business communicates and its overall success. The majority of customers, as well as their employees, demand that the modern business find avenues of sharing information that…

3 Time-Saving Benefits To Outsourced Email Management

Posted July 07, 2017 by
You don’t have time to worry about managing your email solution, but it’s still a vital aspect of your business’s operations. You never know when someone will fall for a spam message, and you certainly can’t look over the shoulders of each employee to make sure they don’t. What’s the busy business owner to do?…

A Law From 1986 Shouldn’t Govern Email Privacy In 2016

Posted May 02, 2016 by
Are you familiar with the protections in place that ensure that your digital communications remain private? What’s keeping an entity like the government from going through your emails? In the United States, the government uses a loophole in an outdated law to access the digital information they want from its citizens. If you’re concerned about…

There’s No Good Reason Why Managing Your E-mail Should Be A Hassle

Posted April 27, 2016 by
Your business is no-doubt reliant on your email solution as a critical communications component. Without it, your organization’s operations could be significantly hampered, forcing you to improvise in order to reach out to internal and external parties. As an important part of any business’s communications, it’s crucial that your email solution is as efficient as…

Every PC User Should Know NOT To Do These 3 Things

Posted November 18, 2015 by
Knowing how to properly use your PC is key to its longevity. Therefore, you should never take for granted basic PC best practices. Here are three basic PC best practices that are easy to overlook. Don’t Plug Your Computer Equipment Directly Into an Outlet While it’s likely that you plug a variety of your electronics…

4 Common Email Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Posted November 11, 2015 by
Email is a staple in offices around the world, but many organizations are finding it easier than ever to make simple mistakes that can be easily avoided with proper training procedures. It’s a best practice to ensure that your team is adequately trained on how to efficiently use your chosen email client to its maximum…

If A Teenager Can Hack The CIA, You Can Be Hacked Too!

Posted November 09, 2015 by
With new threats emerging all of the time, it’s no wonder that cybersecurity is such a major part of any technological endeavor. Your should be using the most powerful security solutions on the market in order to avoid intensive hacks. Despite the emphasis that our society places on security, it takes a high-notoriety hack to…

3 Hidden Fax Machine Expenses That Really Add Up

Posted October 23, 2015 by
Do you have a functioning fax machine in your office? The technology is outdated; yet, there it sits, churning out faxes. Before you keep your fax machine around for another decade, you may want to first consider how it’s chipping away at your company’s operating budget. Here are three ways that the fax machine can…

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