Worst Tech Disasters of 2011

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Don't let disaster strike your business.

Is your entire infrastructure properly protected?

Worst technology issues of 2011.
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SSD Hard Drives vs. Traditional Hard Drives

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PDF from Intel comparing Solid State Drives (SSD) to traditional hard drives. http://bit.ly/vYjIFD.  Want a boost, upgrade today! Our engineers can image your current hard drive so no reinstallation is needed. Windows boots faster, the drive uses less power, your laptop will run almost silent, and files copy faster.  Plus these drives almost never corrupt or burn out causing data loss.  Mention this post and receive a free drive copy with any SSD purchase, carry-in service only, offer ends 12/14/2011.Intel SSD

Top 10 iPhone Apps!

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Top Ten iPhone apps you cannot live without. http://bit.ly/vVhjpb
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iPhone 4s from Apple Computer

Apple iPhone 4s

Proud to be USA-based

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Did you know all of our field engineers and Help Desk engineers are based locally here in the USA just down the road from you? Keep support and jobs in the USA! Hire Excalibur Technology by calling 877-NET-KING!

Western Digital restarts HD production

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Hopefully hard drive prices stabilize soon.

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