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Excalibur Technology March 2012 Newsletter

Check out our March 2012 Newsletter.  Featuring: Facebook Timeline, UPS and Battery Reminder, Identity Theft During Tax Season, How One Carbonite User Lost All Data, and UltraTablets.

Referral Contest – Win an iPod, iPad, Laptop or 55″ 3D LED TV!

Samsung 55" LED 3D TVDid you see the outrageous promotion we ran in February?  Do you know about our amazing referral program?  If not, please be sure to check out our latest contest that ends June 30, 2012.  Just for simply referring a one to three of your colleagues to us, you’ll be enrolled in our already amazing  referral program, and you’ll also receive one of these great bonuses:

Refer any one+ client(s) that signs up for $100.00 of monthly recurring services and get a: $50.00 VISA GIFT CARD!

Refer any two+ clients that sign up for a total of $200.00 of monthly recurring services and get an: iPod Touch 8 GB!

Refer any two+ clients that sign up for a total of $500.00 of monthly recurring services and get an: iPad 2 Wi-Fi 16 GB!

Refer any three+ clients that sign up for a total of $1500.00 of monthly recurring services and get a: Samsung 55” LED 1080p High Definition 3D TV! (UN55D6420U) or an HP Probook, 2.3 GHz Core i5 laptop w/ 4 GB of RAM, 320 GB HD, and Windows 7 (XU053UT#ABA)

To enter the contest, just download the entry form! (CLICK HERE)  We’ll take it from there.  Your friends will enjoy wonderful new IT support service and you’ll enjoy your new laptop or LED TV!

Think Your Data is Safe? One Carbonite User Recounts Losing All Data

Choose the wrong online backup service, and all of your data could be at risk! Here is a terrible horror story, of one user that lost all of their data that was backing up up with Carbonite:
Don’t let this happen to you! Keep on-site and off-site backups and be sure that you do full restore tests regularly to ensure that you are able to bring all of your data back in an emergency. You can never be too careful!  If you would like a better alternative, please be sure to check out the Excalibur Technology Net-Safe Cloud Internet Backup Solution.  We can help to ensure that your data is safe and secure!

When Social Media Goes Wrong

Three media brands that made the wrong friends.
Social media is great, but it can also kill your brand when hit by bad press. Here are stories from some of the top brands out there, their struggles, and what they did to try and control the damage. Try to avoid these pit falls in your own business.

The Magic of Social Media

Scott Cummings meets David Copperfield at the Excalibur Technology annual convention in Las VegasCommentary by Scott Cummings

This month, during our company meeting trip to Las Vegas, I decided to check out David Copperfield’s magic show. Just as the show was starting, a pre-recorded message from David played over the intercom and asked the audience to take out their phones, log onto Twitter, and follow David (@D_Copperfield). He then said to send him a Tweet and he would pick one person at random to meet him back stage after the performance was over. Being a huge fan, of course I tried.  Half way through the show, I received back a personal Tweet telling me that I had won and instructing me what to do.  After the show, I waited at the designated spot and a security guard brought me backstage where I got a quick meet and greet with David as well as a photo, which can be seen on the Excalibur Technology Facebook website. What an interesting use of social media. Congratulations to David Copperfield for coming up with a very creative way to grow his fan base and get others to help him promote his brand. With two shows per day and hundreds of audience members per show, it is no wonder that he currently has over 85,000 followers. To further demonstrate the power of social media reach, let’s examine what David gained from randomly choosing me. He is now part of our newsletter which reaches 30,000+ members, he is part of our Twitter page, our Facebook page and more. I did not even realize that he was performing in Las Vegas until I arrived there. Now, I’m sure that thousands more people know about his new show, and I’m certain that he will sell a few more tickets because of this completely free, yet ultra-powerful advertising technique.

Social media is much more than setting up a page and never looking at it again. It is much more than the page or service itself. To make it really work for your business, it must be integrated with your print, radio, television, online and other forms of advertising. Since everyone wants to get you to interact with their social media, you need unique ways to rise above the rest of the noise and get noticed. Be creative, be unique, be MAGICAL!

PS – Jonathan Stassen from our office saw the show and won the Twitter contest the day before. See, it works! That was enough to get me to buy a ticket!

If you need help with social media, websites or any other type of technology to help your business grow, please contact one of our Technology Consultants at 877-NET-KING or

Disappointed by the New iPad? Better Choices Abound!

Asus Transformer Prime Ultratablet10 alternative tablet devices to rival the New iPad.
Since Apple latest device is such a disappointment in terms of features users are craving, check these great alternatives out! Larger screens, faster speed, greater connectivity … these have it all! Sorry Apple, you’ll need to get the iPad 4 out quickly if you want to remain on top!

Coming Soon – Windows Server 8

Windows Server 8 is scheduled to be released along with new Windows 8 desktop.
Hot point: virtualization built in and powerful! Other features include remote management, enhanced PowerShell, better management tools in Server Manager, better encryption and more. For all of your Windows Server 8 questions, call us at 877-NET-KING.

Is Your IT Guy Letting You Down? You’re Not Alone!

Bosses say that their in house IT guys do not know enough.
Fix it – call the experts at Excalibur Technology today! For less than what most businesses spend on a single IT person on payroll, we provide access to our dozens of highly certified professionals! Why settle for a single and limited amount of knowledge when you can have an entire highly certified IT army on your speed dial 24x7x365?

Asus Ultratablet Could Crush the iPad Into Applesauce!

Asus Eee Ultratablet Ultra PrimeFirst Ultratablet –
Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime. Quad Core, Tegra 3 graphics, USB, 16 hour battery. Snap it into the docking station and you have a true laptop replacement. If you are considering a new tablet, you MUST check this out before buying. New iPad killer!?

Apple Blew It … Wait for Windows 8 This Summer

Wait on the New iPad and check out Windows 8.
Nothing too exciting from Apple and Windows 8 will be groundbreaking! Also, Windows 8 will run seamlessly across your desktop and tablet devices.

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