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Excalibur Technology Newsletter – February 2016

Posted February 29, 2016 by
We invite you to read the latest edition of our newsletter, by CLICKING HERE. Be sure to check it out! Highlights in the February 2016 Edition Include: – 2 Troubleshooting Tips For Common VoIP Issues – 4 Features Every Business Needs in a Backup Solution – 3 Ways Businesses Can Get The Most Out Of…

Why You Need To Think Through Which Employees Have Access To What Files

Posted February 26, 2016 by
It’s clear that your IT department should have administrator privileges with your business’s technology, but the average employee is another story altogether. Administrator privileges provide users with the ability to do many things, such as install programs and access admin settings. Administrator privileges are exactly what you want to keep users away from, and it…

2 Ways Your Business Can Reduce Its Environmental Footprint

Posted February 24, 2016 by
Technology has provided humanity with the ability to make stupendous advances in the way we live our lives. However, it has also given rise to a wasteful society that neglects old technology, tossing it to the side in favor of the latest and greatest gadgets. As you can imagine, considering the rate at which modern…

5 Ways To Get A Grip On Mobile Devices In Your Office

Posted February 22, 2016 by
Did you know that a whopping two-thirds of U.S. adults own a smartphone? This figure is still climbing and the presence of employee-owned smartphones has dramatically changed the face of office. Businesses that aren’t prepared for this major influx of devices are setting themselves up for some major problems. Employees bringing their devices to work…

The Strict Security Measures Of Nuclear Power Plants Can Benefit Your Business Too

Posted February 20, 2016 by
Technology, while a great asset that can be leveraged for your benefit, can also frighten businesses due to how unpredictable it can be at times. The constant threat of data loss, identity theft, and hardware failure can cripple your business’s ability to retain operations. Specifically, businesses can learn about risk management by analyzing the processes…

Hospital Pays $17,000.00 To Get Encrypted Data Back

Posted February 18, 2016 by
A hospital in CA had to pay hackers a sum of over $17,000.00 in ransom money to get their encrypted data back. This is just another example of the proliferation of cyber crime and how easily it is to fall victim to hackers.  Don’t let this happen to you – call Excalibur Technology today!  …

4 Google Chromecast Features That May Surprise You

Posted February 17, 2016 by
Google is known for coming up with fun new technologies that change the way society consumes entertainment and performs their day-to-day responsibilities. One of Google’s best new gadgets is the Google Chromecast, which can change the way you view media and share content while both at home and in the office. Google’s Chromecast is a…

Have A CMS Based Website? Patch It Monthly!

Posted February 16, 2016 by
If your website is driven by a CMS (Content Management System) then you need to ensure that you update the CMS, all of the plug-ins and each third party application and related code that are contained within your website.  Popular Content Management Systems include Joomla!, WordPress, Drupal and more.  These systems are entire programming environments…

Botnets Go Mobile, Making The Internet Less Safe

Posted February 16, 2016 by
Hackers are notorious for exploiting technology for their benefit, but users often forget that mobile devices are exploited just as often as desktops and workstations; perhaps more so, due to their higher exposure to wireless networks that may not be secure. One of the greatest threats to mobile devices is the botnet, which is designed…

3 Questions To Consider Before Implementing A Private Cloud Solution

Posted February 16, 2016 by
With cloud computing on the rise in the business environment, it’s becoming more clear that organizations need to know what type of cloud solution will best benefit their business model. With the private cloud gaining much attention, it’s important to know what attracts businesses to it. Why should your business implement a private cloud solution,…

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