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Archive for November, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving From Excalibur Technology

HP Introduces Full Laptop For $199

HP introduces the Steam 11, a $199 Windows 8.1 laptop. Intel Celeron / 2 GB of RAM / 32 GB storage / WiFi / HDMI and USB too.  Great for a low cost e-mail / PDF / document PC, but not enough power to run complex applications.  Perfect for the occasional road warrior?  Or a…

Patch Alert – New Threats Hit Windows

Patch your Microsoft systems. There are nasty exploits out. Sandworm, SSL exploits and more.  Keep safe!…

A Screen On The Edge Of Your Phone?

Samsung’s New Galaxy Note features a screen on the edge of the device that is unlike anything else to display alerts, messages, time, weather, etc. Will this idea catch on with other phone manufacturers?  How will this work with cases and protective devices?

How To Hire A Web Design Company

How to hire a web design company: Or, make it really simple on yourself!  Just call Excalibur Technology and speak to the professionals in our web department.  We are true professionals and have been developing great websites and applications for over 12 of our 20 years in business!…

Tip: How To Relocate Off Screen Windows Back To Your Desktop

Tip: How to relocate off screen windows back to your desktop. Ever have windows you cannot see? Maybe on a laptop that is used with an external monitor and then disconnected?  Here are three helpful tips to get those windows back in sight!…

Tech Review: How Microsoft’s Surface 3 Pro Changed the Way I Work

Tech Review: How Microsoft’s Surface 3 Pro Changed the Way I Work. It’s docks when at the office, it’s a laptop when needed, a tablet for ease of use and so much more!  Wait to see what it can do when Windows 10 is released!…

Microsoft Updates Office for iPhone

New version of Microsoft Office for iPhone, iPad, etc. released. Free version allows viewing of Excel, Word and PPT, but no editing.  You need a paid Office 365 subscription create or edit.  Or, use the Mac versions of Pages, Numbers and Keynote instead – works better and is free on the new iPhone.…

Android 5.0 Lollipop OS Update

Android 5.0 Lollipop is a solid OS. Continuity across devices, improved interface, power handling update, touch update, better security, watch option and so much more. Are you a fan of Android? Windows Phone? Apple? Let us know…we support them all!

Motorola Droid Turbo – Great Features!

New Motorola Droid Turbo boasts 48 hours of battery life, great screen, turbo charger, 21mp camera, instant weather detection, softcard payment system and more.

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