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Archive for August, 2014

Macs Run Windows Too

The Mac – with Parallels software installed, can run Windows, Chrome OS, Linux and Mac apps side by side! Now you can have the best of all worlds on a single system!  Don’t settle for a single operating system again.  Use them all!…

Intel Announces 8-Core i7 Processor

Intel has released an 8-core i7 processor.  This is the first chip of its kind, and the most powerful ever produced in the series.  It will bring extreme processing power to users running high-end applications such as CAD/CAM, video editing, scientific modeling, and even gaming.  Here are a few of the specs shown on Intel’s…

What To Expect In Windows 9

10 features to expect in Windows 9, coming in 2015. Cortana will be integrated, charms are gone, the Start Menu is back, and there will only be a single version for all systems. The users have spoken and Microsoft might have finally listened!

Apple Building 12.9″ iPad For 2015

Apple slated to build 12.9″ iPad in 2015. They hope to attract enterprise client business. Multitasking is also an upcoming feature in iOS 8.  Sales and market share have been in decline for Apple.  Can they turn it around?

Windows 9 – Subscription Model?

Windows 9 is coming…fast. Watch for preview in Sept. New version might be free, supported by app revenue. There will be new versions for PC’s, phones and tablets. Microsoft will then likely push to a subscription model for future releases.  It could be a major shift in how PC’s are sold and updated.

Windows 9 Preview

Windows 9 Desktop Preview Windows 9 preview to be released on Sept. 30th. Start menu is back, charms bar gone, Cortana for desktop. If you held off installing Windows 8, this might be the next version of Windows that you have been waiting for!  …

Do You Use The Digital Assistant On Your Phone?

Siri vs. Cortana – see how they compare and stack up against each other. Windows or iPhone?  Your choice?  Both have some excellent features and help with tasks, especially while driving or busy with other activities.  Apple boasts a new version of Siri coming this fall on the new iOS and iPhone 6,…

Viruses And Malware Hit Virtual Systems Too

Malware now written to attack virtual machines and properly unleash payload. Take action now to protect VM systems.  Excalibur Technology engineers support VMware, Hyper-V and all related networking systems.…

Is Your ISP Supplied Router Safe?

Routers and firewalls supplied by ISP’s can be compromised en masse due to poor security policies. If your ISP supplied a router, ensure that the passwords have been changed to something unique, or install your own firewall behind it to ensure that your equipment is safe and free from reach over the Internet.  Remember,…

Windows 9 – Coming Q2 2015

Windows 9 / mid 2015 release date. Interface will look more like Windows XP/7. Is it enough to save Windows?  Microsoft has received a lot of complaints about the Windows 8 interface.  As much as they try to get customers to accept it, they still have not been able to make it happen.  Perhaps…

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