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Archive for July, 2014

Staff Turnover? Change Passwords!

Changing passwords when employees are released is critical. Too often security holes are left open and access is open for employees or contractors that no longer work for an organization.  Be sure to change VPN, e-mail, server, remote systems and any third party access such as bank websites.

Accidentally Sharing Your WiFi?

See who is using your WiFi connection on Windows 8. Have a nosey neighbor? Hackers? Does your Internet connection seem to be slow compared to the speed you are paying for?  Better find out it someone is sharing your connection without your permission and lock down!  Business or home, make sure you have a…

Samsung Galaxy Tab S – Great Features!

Samsung Galaxy Tab S is a light, powerful and feature rich tablet choice running on the Android platform. If you are looking for a new tablet, be sure to check this one out too!

iPhone 6 – New Features … Coming Soon!

10 features to watch for in the upcoming iPhone 6. Looks like this will be worth the wait. Sapphire, near field communications (NFC), faster WiFi, new A8 processor and more!  Will you upgrade?

Google Steps Up To Stop Internet Threats

Google’s Project Zero will help stop new threats from affecting technology users. Excellent initiative!

New Apple iPhone Hit With Delays

Manufacturing delays hit the 5.5″ iPhone. Don’t expect Apple’s newest device to make it to the shelves until sometime in 2015.

Layoffs To Hit Microsoft

Microsoft planning to lay off thousands of workers in reorg. Will consumers be hurt as they move to hosted services and neglect their OS business and other important sectors?…

Time To Upgrade Windows 7, Server 2003 and Server 2008

Microsoft warns of end of support for Windows 7, Server 2003, Server 2008 and other programs. Plan your update!

Is Your iPad Making You Itchy?

Study shows that nickel in the case of iPads is causing allergic reaction in some people. Placing the iPad in a protective case seems to negate the effects. Consumers need to be aware of the materials used in making electronic devices and take appropriate precautions.…

Microsoft CEO Ditches Devices And Services

New Microsoft CEO states major changes coming to the tech giant. They will be ditching Ballmer’s focus on devices and services and focusing on rapid release of software. Layoffs of employees from the Nokia deal were also mentioned. Another new Microsoft?

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