Month: April 2014

New Internet Explorer Vulnerability

A new Internet Explorer attack is out. Microsoft will NOT be patching systems running XP. Upgrade today or risk data loss!  If you are still on XP, it is not too late to quickly and safely upgrade to Windows 7 or 8.  Call our experts today for help!

Apple iPhone 6 Unbreakable Sapphire Screen?

Apple to spend $1B on sapphire production plant and technology mass produce the mineral to use in screens for upcoming iPhone 6. This almost unbreakable material will protect screens from becoming damaged…ever. Watch the video that shows a concrete block dragged across the screen without damage.      

iPhone 6 Rumor Roundup

10 iPhone 6 rumors. Bigger screen, NFC, faster chip, new look, sapphire protected screen and human health monitoring applications. Expect to see the iPhone 6 in Q3 of 2014.

Escape From XP – Fun Game From Microsoft

Microsoft released a free mini game “Escape from XP” to remind users to upgrade and showcase new IE capabilities.  Go ahead, take a quick minute to do some “research” on the new IE platform – your boss won’t mind!

Heartbleed Vulnerability Information

Another new serious bug that has the potential to be devastating.  The Cryptolocker Virus has affected many users across the world and while many are still recovering, a new bug has surfaced that is potentially more dangerous.  Dubbed the Heartbleed Bug, this nasty information enemy breaks through and steals encryption codes and then “bleeds” information out …

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Expo Time – April 24th!

ExcalTech is coming to the Small Business Expo on April 24th, 2014 at Navy Pier in Chicago, IL!!!! We would love to see you there!  Stop by the ExcalTech booth (#628) to talk some tech and a chance to win a great prize! Hope to see you there!

For Many Small Businesses, Security Still An Issue

Is your small business vulnerable to data loss or a security breach?  You should review this article for some great facts.  Many small business still have no functioning backup, let alone measures in place to protect their valuable IT and data assets.  Call the experts at ExcalTech today for a Network Evaluation or Network Audit! …

For Many Small Businesses, Security Still An Issue Read More »

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