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Have A Messy Network Closet? We Can Help!

Posted September 17, 2013 by
Is your network closet or server rack a tangled mess of wires and junk left over from years of neglect?  Does it take an hour to track down and replace a bad network cable?  Would you like to reclaim your network?  Call the professionals at Excalibur Technology.  We can tame even the nastiest network!  We…

VIRUS ALERT! Cryptolocker Hijacker

Posted September 12, 2013 by
There is a terrible new virus going around called Cryptolocker.  If encrypts all of the data on your hard drive as well as all network shares you have access too and ransoms it back to you.  If you don’t pay, you don’t get your data back.  Since the data is encrypted, there is no way…

09/11/2001 – We Will Never Forget

Posted September 11, 2013 by
All of us at Excalibur Technology send out our thoughts and prayers to all of the families affected by the 9-11 tragedy.  It was a dark day for all Americans, but one that should be remembered for exactly what it was, lest we forget why so many wonderful Americans sacrificed their lives.  Thank you to…

Oh, How Far We Have Come…

Posted September 10, 2013 by
It was not that long ago that software was only available on floppy disks.  They held a massive 1.44 megabytes.  Imagine trying to install Windows 8 from over 1700 floppy disks!  Not to mention spending hours doing the installation and discovering that disk 932 is bad.  Today, we can hold 128 GB on a device…

Which Mobile Phone Is Most Secure?

Posted September 05, 2013 by
Sophos details the security features found in Android, Apple, BlackBerry and Windows 8 phones.  Which one is most secure for the enterprise?  The results might surprise you.  Each phone has strengths and weaknesses.  You need to carefully consider how your phones will be used in your corporate environment, and review the security measures with your…

Microsoft to buy Nokia for $7.2B

Posted September 03, 2013 by Will this move help put Windows phone over the top and take out the iPhone?  Are you willing to give up your iPhone for a platform that syncs across all devices?  What is hold you back?  What does Microsoft need to do to earn your business?…

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