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Archive for April, 2013

Still Using Windows XP? Time To Upgrade!

Windows XP & Office 2003 – one more year and no further updates or patches will be available. Upgrade today, before your older systems are left without support.  Call us for advice and help.…

Is Your E-mail Safe From The IRS?

IRS tells agents they can read your e-mails without a search warrant. Host with us and your mail is safe!  Why store your e-mail and files on a large or free provider such as Google?  Keep your mail on our private cloud or on your own Exchange Server.  That way, only you have the…

Is Technology Rewiring Children’s Brains?

Is technology rewiring our children’s brains? In this digital age, how much is too much for kids to tech?  How often do you see two year olds playing mom’s iPhone?  Or kid’s spending all of their free time playing video games instead of playing outside?  Is there a dark side to tech and kids? …

A Look at Changing Technology

Wow…look how computer storage technology has changed over the years.  We can now walk around with millions of pages of knowledge stored on something the size of your thumb nail.  What will it be like in 20 more years?  BTW, if you feel like your business technology is stuck in 1979 like this picture, call…

How to Network QuickBooks Pro

How to network QuickBooks Pro: An older article, but still good information. Or, just call the pros at Excalibur Technology!  Instead of trying to setup complex network applications yourself, allow our certified team to do it for you so you can work on running your business, not being a computer tech!…

Microsoft Hold Approximately 90% of OS Market

Windows OS installs still dominate the marketplace. MS holds approximately 90% of all PC’s.  Can Apple catch up?  Whatever OS you choose to use, Excalibur Technology is here to support you!  Thinking of switching to a Mac?  Before you do, talk to your Technology Consultant.  Windows applications, remote access, and server support still dominates…

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