Month: March 2013

Internet Seem Slow? It’s Under Attack.

Internet seem slow?  SPAM dispute launches the largest denial of service attack ever.  Read what happens when a major foreign ISP has a fight with Spamhaus. The Internet can be a dangerous place.  Is your company properly protected?  Call us at (877) 638-5464 for a security audit.

Client Feedback

“In January this year, I emailed John Paleologos that we wished to exchange two of the PCs in our office, effectively swapping my older PC with [a] newer PC, to maximize her faster/newer machine and reduce our dependence on mine.  My older PC had filled the file share-server role for our in-house network of 3 PCs for …

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Apps That Help With Taxes

iPhone and iPad apps to help you make it through tax season: Need help setting up QuickBooks?  Want access to QuickBooks from any Internet connection?  Give us a call!

Dropbox Users Hit With SPAM After Hack

Dropbox users are getting hit with SPAM after their systems were hacked. Go local and save the headaches!  A local provider can often provide additional security and safety measures that the large companies cannot.  Call us today for more information!

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