Month: November 2012

Could A Change At Intel Signal The Death Of The PC?

Be prepared to have fewer choices with future PC’s. Intel is rumored to be doing away with user replaceable CPU’s. This could mean the death of the PC as we know it and less user control over their machines.  Hardware and software vendors continue to make power grabs in hopes of locking users into …

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Client Feedback

“Wally and I were just talking about what a fantastic job you did yesterday running between the two of us to get our work stations back to normal.  We appreciate it.  All seems to be quiet (and working!) this morning.Thanks again!” – Pat W. Office Manager, Financial Firm Wilmette, IL

ExcalTech Named to the 2012 Tech 200!

ExcalTech named to the Tech 200 list in 2012.  This list celebrates the top 200 fastest growing IT firms in the US!  Our amazing staff cannot take all of the credit.  Our clients deserve a special round of thanks for their continued support and referrals.  If you are looking for amazing network support, website …

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Client Feedback

“I want you to pass this along to your higher ups at ExcalTech, My experience with your group this last few months has been perfect. Dan came out and did an amazing job with his group that he brought in.  [Our] company was in bad shape with the equipment we had installed. With the recommendations that …

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$1 Billion In Cyber Sales Booked on Black Friday!

Shoppers spend a record $1B online on Black Friday. Don’t have an ecommerce portion to your site? You’re missing out.  Call us today at (877) 638-5464 and we can fix that!  Our talented programmers speak almost every language and can create a wonderful website that helps to spur sales and increase business.  When was …

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Apple iCloud Continues To Experience Downtime

Problems with Apple iCloud continue. Apple cannot keep its services running reliably. Has it affected you or the way that you do business?  How much longer will users accept this before they start switching to Windows 8 or Android devices?

How Has Your iPhone Been Damaged?

iPhones end up damaged in the strangest ways: falling into toilets, left on top of cars, dropped in the kitchen. Ever fix yours with scotch tape?  See how many of these issues you can relate to.

Windows 8 File Explorer Tips and Tricks

New Windows 8 File Explorer.  Info and training you should review if you are thinking of trying the newest operating system from Microsoft.  Windows 8 is different! Learn before you deploy! Thinking of switching over to Windows 8?  Call the experts at ExcalTech before you do!

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