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10 Hot Apple Products You’ll Need to Evaluate This Year

10 Hot Apple Products You’ll Need to Evaluate This Year:
We are your Apple support specialists! Call us at 877-NET-KING for any Apple Macintosh, iPhone or iPad need.

Free Ways to Increase Your Website Ranking

When was the last time you looked in a phone book for a phone number or for information SEO - Search Engine Optimizationabout a business to call? As everyone continues to turn to the Internet for information and recommendations, your search engine ranking continues to grow in value. Since most people will start their research with the first hits returned by a search engine, getting to the top of the results are extremely important. Unless you have a huge budget to continuously pay all of the various search engines for paid results, the one always displayed at the top and sides, you need to learn ways to make sure that your site is as appealing and friendly to the search engines as possible. Because Google, Yahoo and Bing constantly change the algorithms they use to rank pages, be sure to check back with us from time to time for information on all of the latest tips and tricks. Here are a few to deploy as soon as possible:

1. Renew your domain name for 5-15 years. It used to be that the longer your domain name was around, the better your ranking. However search engines are now looking to see how many future years your domain name is registered for as well. The reasoning is that if you believe that your company will be around in 10+ years, you might have a good business model, be successful, and be more worthy of a higher ranking.

2. Ensure you have lots of great information to share. When deciding which site to rank above another, many search engines examine how much original content your site provides to viewers. For example, if you are an attorney and have 5 pages that describe your firm, your rates, and the areas of law you practice, you will rank much lower compared to a similar firm that provides advice, case studies, resource guides and self-help information. And do not simply purchase stories or “precanned” websites from a provider that sells the same site to others in your industry. Original content outranks information that can be found on many similar sites. 

3. Make it interactive. Allow users to post to your blog to share their thoughts, comments, and questions. The more active users you have sharing original content, the higher you will rank. Sites with a lot of two-way traffic definitely outrank “information only” sites.

4. Grow external links. If you can get a number of other sites and other people (via Twitter, FaceBook, etc.) to link back to your site, the higher you will rank. Search engines figure that if directories, professional organizations, manufacturers, vendors, partners, and consumers are talking about your site and directing others to it, you must have something worth sharing with the world. Look for ways to promote your business and get links back to your site.

These are just a few of the dozens of tactics our website development team uses to help clients increase their search engine ranking. If you would like assistance getting more traffic or updating your website, please call your Technology Consultant for additional information.

Need Help with Website Keywords?

A creative guide to forming keyword lists. Just one of the many techniques needed to get your site at the top! There are so many more.  Check out our Dec 2011 e-newsletter for additional ideas and then call us at 877-NET-KING to get started!

A World with a Filtered Internet?

Top websites shut down today in protest to the SOPA law being considered by Congress.
If you want the Internet to remain free and unfiltered, be sure to write to your Congressmen and tell them so! 

How Important is Google+ to Your Business?

Why brands will lose if they ignore Google+
Let’s get social! Call us for help with your SEO campaign needs! Our team can help you sort through all of the noise and use techniques that actually make you money! 

January 2012 – Have You Made Your New Year’s Resolutions?

Happy New Year!!!  Thank you so much to all of our clients that supported us during 2011.  Hopefully you have noticed improvement in your business and enjoyed much success last year and are expecting even more in 2012!  Also, be sure to look at the last paragraph for information on how you can win a brand new iPad 2!

Since January is a time of reorganization and for making personal and business resolutions, we wanted to send you a reminder to take a look at your technology services and needs, and to catch up with items that might have been overlooked or avoided the past years while everyone cut spending and simply “held on” to weather the storm.

Remember, technology is not an expense.  It is a valuable investment that your company makes to keep employees productive, clients happy, and operations running smoothly.  Allow the professionals at Excalibur Technology to help you with new ideas and improve your business practices.  Here are a few of our ideas for your review:

  Get into the cloud

            It seems like everyone is talking about cloud computing these days and the benefits that go along with it.  Luckily the Excalibur Technology Data Center is online and ready to serve all of your cloud computing needs!  From hosted applications to entire server infrastructure, our team makes it easy to move your network into the cloud and eliminate the costs of purchasing hardware and supporting it.  We bring you “technology as a service” and simply make everything work for you.  Make the move today and see just how easy it becomes to run your business for virtually any location on any devices!

  Go mobile!  Grab that new iPad or Android!

            If you have not checked out the vast selection of new smartphones and mobile devices including Android, iPhone, iPad, and tablets — you need to.  These devices provide many of the functionalities of a PC in a smaller form factor with always-on technology.  Never be disconnected from your office again and give your employees the ability to work remotely easily.  We can setup secure connections to all of your peripherals and show you how to access your entire organization from the road.

  Update your website and go social

            Does your website still feature pages that say “Coming Spring of 2005”?  Has anything in your industry or business changed in the past year?  Are you running any special offers that can help your customers succeed?  Make sure that your website tells visitors all of this and more!  Keep content fresh to increase your search engine rankings and visitor’s attention.  Give people a reason to visit your website.  Once your site is freshened, allow us to help you navigate the complex world of social media to engage your audience on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and your blog!  Become a wealth of knowledge for your customers and an expert in your field that is at the top of searches.

  Use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to really stand out

            Even if your website is amazing, if it is not properly optimized using all of the latest techniques, you will not get the maximum number of hits that you should.  The metrics that search engines use to rank one page over another change constantly.  If you are still relying only on meta tags for ranking, you will only be found on page 30 or so … update now!  Speak to one of our knowledgeable SEO experts and get your site noticed.

□   Start using Microsoft Exchange

            This is perhaps one of the easiest and quickest ways of boosting productivity.  Microsoft Exchange is real e-mail and collaboration.  It instantly synchronizes your e-mail to your desktop or laptop, your iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, home computer and more!  Exchange ensures that  your calendar and contacts are always with you, and allows you to share any of your information as desired with the rest of your coworkers.  Imagine sending an e-mail from your smartphone and having it appear in your sent items on your desktop while also being instantly available through webmail anywhere in the world!  Never miss important messages or appointments again!  Our Hosted Exchange service brings this once expensive service to you for only $9.95 per month!

   Replace slow, outdated and failing servers, workstations, and laptops.

            Old equipment runs slow, is unreliable, and could crash causing you downtime and data loss.  New equipment is much more efficient and takes advantage of the latest productivity technology to help you run your business more efficiently.  If it has been 3 years or more since your last hardware refresh, review your needs with your Technology Consultant.  Be sure to ask about our leasing opportunities that require only a minimal down payment and low monthly payments.  In many cases you can purchase new equipment for what you are paying to maintain your older systems.

  Setup an on-line backup

            Data loss is becoming an increasing concern for business owners.  Technology failure is not a question of “if” but “when”.  Hard drives crash, lightning strikes, employees erase files and viruses corrupt machines.  Should any of these things happen, data restoration will be required.  For the greatest chance of data recovery, an offsite backup is your best hope.  Our Net-Safe Cloud Internet backup service securely, instantly, and sends all of your critical data to our Data Center should an emergency ever occur.  Starting at $5.95 per month, how can you afford NOT to protect your valuable data?

  Get flat-rate support

            Want an easier way to budget for your monthly I.T. expenditures this year and eliminate surprise bills?  Sign up for our Total Support Solution.  This service can bring you unlimited support all for a low monthly cost.  Packages include 24x7x365 system monitoring and support, unlimited Help Desk support for supported applications, and so much more.  Should a problem occur, we spend as much time as required to fix it, and we do not bill you anything more.  The risk of technology errors and unexpected cost are now no more.  Visit our website or call your Technology Consultant today for additional details about our most popular program!

  SharePoint and CRM

            Need a better way to securely and easily share data with coworkers?  Sharepoint!  This tool from Microsoft integrates with your existing applications to make document and file management a snap.  Publish files on a secure server and allow your employees to access them from anywhere while tracking who is working on what document, and who has the latest version.  CRM will help your company grow by ensuring that clients, sales and projects are all followed up with in a timely manner.  Ask your Technology Consultant how these two great tools can increase your productivity!

So much is changing with technology; you need a team of experts to keep your business competitive.  All of us at Excalibur Technology have made our New Year’s resolution to work even harder for you this year to exceed all of your expectations.  Remember, we don’t just “fix computers” … we are your professional business consultants ready to answer all of your questions, learn your business needs, and thoughtfully design solutions to help your company succeed and grow! 

Happy New Year!
Scott Cummings, CEO

PS – We’ll be giving away a new iPad 2 to one of our lucky clients.  How?  We need just 250 comments posted to our Facebook page, Google+ page or company blog.  Jump on today and post about a positive experience you have had with our company to be entered to win!  Then let us know at:


2012…The Year of HTML 5

Adobe Flash is so 2011…now the push is for HTML5.
Apple started the war on Flash by refusing to support it on iOS devices.  That left everyone scrambling to find something to replace the technology across all platforms.  Enter HTML5.  Soon you will need to update your site if you have Flash on it! Otherwise, iOS devices and potentially other devices will not be able to see all of your content.  Allow us to help!  Call us at 877-NET-KING today.

Top Ten Wanted Features in the iPad 3

Apple iPadTop 10 features needed in the soon to be announced iPad 3.
Are consumers willing to spend another $600 to $800 again? How long will it be until tablets replace laptops and even desktops? Apple and Windows 8 can both help make this happen.

Ready for another new iPad?


White iPad2

Two new iPads are due out next month.  They will feature a larger screen and higher resolution compared to the current models.  Apple hopes to target corporate users and high-end video needs with these new tablets that are expected to cost more than the models currently out on the market.
Come on Apple, we all just bought your iPad 2!

Social Media in a Rut?

Why Nobody is Paying Attention to Your Social Media.
Want to stand out in the crowd? We have experts ready to help you with website redesign, programming and SEO. Call 877-NET-KING for help!

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